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Releasedatum: 05-06-2013

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Awarded App Store Editors' Choice

“Transforms your iPad into a personal trainer, delivering a wide range of customized workouts that are as interesting and exciting as a video game.” — ESPN

"Perfect for anyone who has specific fitness goals in mind" — Marie Claire

"What really sets this apart from the other great virtual trainer apps out there is that the program evolves with you." — Brit & Co.

FitStar is the next-generation fitness app that adapts to any body, from beginner to expert.

With a range of Programs for strength, weight-loss, and those of us with busy lives, FitStar fits like a glove no matter what your goal.

A Perfect Fit.

FitStar makes it easy to work out anytime, anywhere with Programs specifically designed for your unique fitness level. No matter what shape you’re in, FitStar keeps you motivated and challenged at your own pace and on your own schedule.

FitStar’s Intelligent Progression System continually tunes itself to your capabilities and goals, just like a personal trainer.

With easy-to-follow workouts led by NFL football legend Tony Gonzalez, you’ll be inspired to get and stay in amazing shape.

Better Music. Better Video. Better Experience.

Getting in shape isn’t just about having a list of exercises to do — we believe a beautiful experience with awesome music and video are key to sticking with it. We’ve handcrafted the workouts and music to get your heart pumping.

With seamless support for iPod playback, you can move to your own beat. You can even listen to your favorite streaming music service and still hear Tony’s coaching tips.

Better Together.

Connect with friends, family or coworkers as you progress in your FitStar journey. Compare workouts, share achievements, and encourage each other along the way.

Achieve a Healthier Body.

As you progress, FitStar will award you achievements for completed milestones. As you improve, you’ll unlock new moves and level-up badges. Think of it like a real life game, where winning is total fitness.

A Premium Workout.

Upgrade to a Premium Program for the ultimate fitness experience. You’ll get unlimited workouts per week, longer and more varied workouts, nutritional advice, priority support, HD video, and more.

Hardware Ready.

Optimized for Apple TV. Connecting your Apple TV puts your workouts on the big screen, and uses your iPad as an input controller. It’s the ultimate way to experience FitStar.

Compatible with Fitbit. Connect your Fitbit account to automatically keep your weight updated. Fitbit’s Aria scale makes this even easier — step on the scale and your FitStar weight is magically updated. More devices will be added on a regular basis.

Shop FitStar.

A FitStar needs the right gear, and we’ve got you covered in our newly launched store. Get exclusive FitStar workout and casual apparel, as well as hand-picked nutrition, tech and workout products to enhance your experience.

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