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Genre: Financiën
Prijs: 12,99 €
Releasedatum: 29-06-2011

iChartist is an advanced Stock, Forex and Futures charting and technical analysis app for serious traders and investors.


- Full Chart Control -

Unlike other charting apps that only show a static picture of a chart, iChartist charts can be scrolled by dragging your finger over the screen, can be zoomed with pinch zoom, and the charts auto-scale while scrolling and zooming.

- Large Collection of Technical Indicators -

More than 30 of the most popular indicators are included. You can add as many technical indicators as you like to the chart, and all indicator settings are completely configurable.

- User Friendly Drawing Tools -

Do you use drawing tools on your charts? iChartist offers many easy to use drawing tools, including various types of Trend Lines, Fibonacci Retracements and Text Annotation.

- Free Delayed Data for Stocks, Forex and Futures -

iChartist includes free delayed data for worldwide stock markets and End of Day data for Forex and US Futures. Your purchase includes the ability to view Daily, Weekly and Monthly bars.

- Chart Sharing -

Take screenshots and share them by email, Twitter or Facebook.

- Symbol Browser -

A sidebar can be opened with thousands of symbols categorized by security type, sector, region, market cap and many other variables, letting you conveniently browse and discover new stocks of interest.

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