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Elsevier Inc. - Netter's Anatomy Atlas kunstwerk Netter’s Anatomy Atlas
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Releasedatum: 07-09-2011

First Prize Winner in the Digital and Online Resources category of the British Medical Association's 2012 Medical Book Awards!

Use Dr. Netter's most famous illustrations of human anatomy as your intuitive and interactive study guide. This iPad app is the complete set of the 531 Netter Plates from the 5th edition Atlas of Human Anatomy, illustrated by master medical illustrator Frank H. Netter, MD, enhanced with a suite of quizzing and customization features.

Tap Muscle Info buttons to review attachments, innervations, actions, and blood supply.
Take label quizzes to test your memory of terminology.
Prep for boards with a set of 50 anatomy questions from
Make the Atlas your own by customizing individual labels (on/off/highlight).
Use "My Netter" bookmarks and notes to organize and personalize your studies.
Locate anatomic structures and views quickly through Search (key word or plate number) or Browse by Region or System, and jump to Related Plates to see alternate views.
Register your app and get 40 additional plates from earlier editions of the Atlas for free!
See a video demo of the app at

Due to the number of images and the size of this app, it will take some time to download and sync to your iPad.

We recommend syncing to iTunes regularly to create a back-up of your app and any customizations you have added.

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