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Releasedatum: 23-07-2013

The Pilots Atlas App is an all-in-one map source, also useable offline. It includes topographical maps of the entire world scalable down to 1: 1,6 Mio. Of course thousands of cities, highways, rivers, boundaries, lakes, railways and ferry-routs are included. You can download either one or up to all 6 continents. Create your own map style by switching on/off the 14 different map layers and 12 different databases (aeronautical/ navigation-aids). Insert, store and/ or edit your flight plan by using ICAO/ IATA-codes, waypoints, VOR´s NDB´s or Lat/ Long. Find positions with a separate Lat/ Longfinder. The first 4 zoom levels are for free, for using all options please buy one area.

Also includes:
- Trip planning (by Waypoints, VOR´s, airports, NDB´s, ICAO/ IATA codes or Lat/ Long)
- 3 different charts on board: planning chart, offline map and online maps (OSM)
- Airports, waypoints, VOR´s, NDB´s, TACAN, ILSDME and so on are color coded and you are
able to switch on/off the "name/ freq.-labels". Also you can click the icon to get further
information's (Rwy-lenght, elevation, ICAO/ IATA, airport-name, city-name, Lat/ Long, frequencies,
variation and much more)
- Insert your favorites, photos or notes directly on the map
- Contour level by color (meter + feet), switchable.
- Email screenshots to your friends
- Time alert setting
- FIR Boundaries including FIR name
- SUA areas (special use airspace)
- You can set the map-scale in: Km, nautical miles (nm), statue miles sm) or feet (ft)
- You can scan all included aeronautical data's by using the search option (search box)

- Captains Corner:
– Weather symbols
– Turbulence table
– VOLMET table
– SNOWTAM decoder (Notam + Metar)
– Aircraft country table (Capital city, reg.-code, ISO-code, dialing-prefix, time zone)
– ICAO prefix table
– Thumb rules
– Volcano warning table
– Fuel calculator
– Aeronautical abbreviations
– Climb rate calculator
– Morse codes

- Conversion calculator: (temp., mass, area, volume, energy, speed power, pressure, length, force…)

- Download parameter: The complete Pilots Atlas App covers 6 continents:
– North America: 348 MB
– Europe 196 MB
– Asia 586 MB
– South America 122 MB
– Africa + Antarctica 158 MB
– Australia + Oceania 48 MB
You can download single continents or the whole world and in case of a world-download you are able to delete or re-download the areas you need whenever you like. Every continent is single or combined useable.

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