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D.G.A. Meijer
Genre: Financiën
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Releasedatum: 29-06-2011

Have all the answers at your fingertips with OECD, European and US transfer pricing guidelines and regulations on your iPhone or iPad

Transfer pricing Made Mobile gives tax professionals, accountants and financial managers easy access to over 1000 pages of transfer pricing guidelines and regulations.

With this app, you are only two screen taps away from finding all the TP answers you are looking for, always and everywhere. Ease of access has been optimized by a user friendly search function.

Transfer Pricing Made Mobile is updated automatically. You never need to install upgrades in order to keep your TP guidelines and regulations up to date.

Transfer Pricing Made Mobile is edited by Diederik Meijer, a BIG4 tax assurance senior manager with more than sixteen years of experience in international tax and tax accounting. Mr. Meijer on LinkedIn:

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