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Releasedatum: 25-05-2011

Thomson Software Solutions is the leading provider of software for eye care professionals in the UK and have users all over the world. This application joins a family of software for vision assessment and screening originally devised by Professor David Thomson.

Replace all your test types, near charts, near testing units etc. with over 500 test screens and images in one slick application.

Visual Toolbox exploits the superb graphics capabilities of the iPad to provide a wide range of vision assessment tools for eye care professionals (ophthalmologists, optometrists, orthoptists and opticians). Visual Toolbox builds on the success of iChart2000 for the iPhone and iPod Touch which is currently in use by hundreds of eye care professionals, but the larger screen of the iPad opens up many new opportunities for vision assessment. Access different tests by simply rotating the iPad and view variations by swiping the screen. Select the test that you want directly by viewing the thumbnail gallery and draw on the screen using your finger. Pan and zoom some of the images or display as a slide show. No eye care professional can afford to be without it!

The tools are divided into five categories:

Near vision assessment:

By holding the iPad at a normal reading distance, Visual Toolbox can be used to assess a wide range of near vision functions including:

- Test types (Adult and children's test types)
- LogMAR reading test
- LogMAR near charts
- Task images (Maps, books, newspaper etc. to ensure the patient can perform these real world tasks)
- Binocular vision tests (fixation disparity, binocularity, suppression, stereopsis, 3D red/green anaglyphs)
- Duochrome (dots, letters, rings)
- Amsler (positive and negative contrast, draw directly on charts and email the results)
- Fixation targets (clown, crosses, letters, cartoons)
- Miscellaneous (convergence, astigmatism, Maddox rod)

3 metre assessment:

View Visual Toolbox from 3 metres and you can assess a wide range of distance vision functions. Ideal for home visits, vision screening or testing children.

- LogMAR charts
- Snellen charts
- Single letter charts
- Children's visual acuity (Lea symbols, tumbling Es, linear logMAR)
- Duochrome (dots, letters, rings)
- Cross cylinder (dots and rings)
- UK number plate test for driving (actual number plate fonts and correct spacing)
- Fixation targets (clown slide show to use during retinoscopy for example)

Patient information:

Wide range of images and a video to help explain conditions to patients. Select the required image from a thumbnail gallery. Pan and zoom on all images and draw with your finger.

- Eye diagrams
- Eye disease (photographs of a wide range of anterior segment eye diseases)
- Front of the eye (images of the external eye)
- Retina (normal and abnormal fundi)
- Dispensing images (polarising filters, MAR etc)
- Videos

Dispensing tools:

Replace your frame rule with a selection of on-screen rulers, protractors etc. Take advantage of the back-illuminated screen to measure CDs, bifocal heights, varifocals etc.


Use the toolkit to perform those tricky eye-related calculations.

- Visual acuity (convert between LogMAR, VAR, Snellen metres, Snellen ft, Resolution and Spatial frequency)
- LogMAR scorer (help with scoring a LogMAR chart)
- Vertex distance calculator
- Toric contact lens over-refraction calculator
- Transposition calculator

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